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An upgrade with your bathroom vanity mirrors will help give the entire space a modern, stunning edge. So, get inspired by these chic and innovative bathroom mirror ideas perfect for your room!

Mirrored Bathroom Atlanta GA
  1. bathroom mirror ideas #theFullBleedMirror

    You can choose brick and stone to add more dimension to your small bathroom. You need to remember that you can use walls to communicate style and maximize space. Another excellent idea for your small bathroom is a floor-to-ceiling wall mirror. This will definitely also double the gorgeous architectural elements of the entire finish. You may add colors, accessories, and a sense of polish with fancy soaps and utilities after you are done.

  2. bathroom mirror ideas #theMirroredVanity

    Mirrors are not limited to the wall. You can install a mirrored cabinet vanity that will definitely make the room feel larger and also adds a touch of glam to space.

  3. bathroom mirror ideas #theFoldedCornerMirror

    You may want to play with pink - a dramatic bubblegum pink moment! Or you may stick to a one-tone color scheme that will make things a lot easier during the entire design process. It can make that awkward corner of yours into something incredible with a custom vanity, mirror, and space. This may be called the folded mirror corner effect.

  4. #theDoubleSinkSingle Mirror

    You can keep that double sinks and combine it with dual mirrors on top. You need to consider breaking up the symmetry by a single mirror that stretches from one end of the space to the next. While, if you have a hidden cabinet, you can put one large mirror and just double the storage space up.

  5. #TheMirrorCabinet

    Do you have a small space for storage in your bathroom? You can definitely install a mirrored cabinet above your sink.

  6. #TheAngularDoubleMirrors

    If you have double sinks, you can just install dual mirrors. This will surely free up walls in an exciting way and add extra lighting between the two mirrors. And if you love and admire symmetry, this is the bathroom vanity mirror idea for you.

  7. #TheShapelyMirror

    For something a little more adventurous and interesting, you can veer away from the classic rectangular and circular mirrors. You may try something with an exciting shape and pattern. Aesthetically, the curved mirror complements the curvature of any sink surface. You may also add a singular blush pink bulb right above the ceiling. Your space is the perfect blend between elegant, chic, and on-trend finish.

  8. #TheWindowTreatmentMirror

    You can consider putting up a mirror above the sink in front of the window in that quirky space. Then hang curtains with a unique pattern at the window’s midpoint for a visually intriguing approach to the area. This will ensure privacy and peace, but it also keeps things exciting and style-wise.

  9. #TheHangingMirror

    Hanging mirrors are very trendy and breathtaking. It gives a feeling of extraordinary and stylish yet easy going and fresh.

  10. #TheSkinnyVerticalMirror

    When designing a small bathroom, you will have no choice but to get creative and unique. You may flank the sink with sconces and other structural experiments, such as adding a narrow vertical mirror. This aims to fit perfectly in the limited space between the window and the corner of the room.


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