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Atlanta Bathroom Remodel has been upgrading various bathroom types for more than three decades, always providing the best quality services to homeowners who want to achieve the most efficient results. Our experts have studied and mastered all the necessary techniques to guarantee your bathroom remodeling project’s success. We are a team of highly trained professionals whose top priority is to provide the clients with all the services they want and need, and sometimes even more as we love to go the extra mile. Your goal is ours, turning your current bathroom into its best and achieving its potential.

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Popular Bathroom Vanities and Sinks

The bathroom sink is perhaps the most used fixture in the bathroom. We use it for washing our hands and face and any other hygiene-related activities. The bathroom will not be fully functional without the presence of the vanity sink. Aside from the practical purpose of the sink, it also contributes to the design and aesthetic value of the bathroom. You can check our list here on the popular vanity sinks used for many bathrooms and decide the ones you think complement your style.

Bathroom Vanity Atlanta GA
  1. Wall-Mounted Sink

    The sink is attached independently to the wall with a bracket connecting the central fixture to the bathroom wall. This type of sink is often seen in bathrooms with restricted areas.

  2. Pedestal Sink

    The sink has a stand-mounted on the floor where the plumbing lines and waste tubes are hiddenly installed. Pedestal and wall-mounted sinks are commonly used in tight spaces.

  3. Drop-in Sink

    It is otherwise called the surface-mounted sink installed on bathroom countertops. The sink is compatible with many countertop materials such as ceramic style, laminate, stone, and others. The sink's surrounding lip and a supporting clamping system at the bottom work together in securing the sink.

  4. Vessel Sink

    The bowl-like sink is artistically placed on the top of the floor-mounted vanity. The vessel sink is ideal for making the user more comfortable as you do not need to bend down when you use it. The sink is paired with either a wall-mounted or pedestal type of faucets. The materials used for the bowl are Chinese porcelain, granite, alabaster stone, and others.

  5. Under-mount Sink

    As you can guess from the name, the under-mount sink is mounted deep into the underside of the vanity. All the fixtures and water lines are hidden at the bottom surface of the sink.

  6. Cabinet-style Vanity

    Installation of a single sink or double sink for cabinet-style vanity is possible depending on the chosen size. The waste and supplies pipes are concealed inside the vanity cabinet. You can use natural granite, quartz, ceramic tile, and laminate for materials.

The Best Material for Bathroom Vanity

If you are looking for bathroom vanities that can last long, the key is choosing the right materials for you. After all, you can save more money if you do not change your bathroom vanity very often. There is a related vanity material for your budget. Here are some of the best materials that you can choose from.

  • Solid Wood

    The ideal material is solid wood because it is durable and strong, such as Cherry and oak. Wood is naturally moisture-resistant, so humidity in the room can be controlled. Wood is also flexible for different types of paint. However, if the wood is exposed to inconsistent humidity, it may shrink over time. Wood is also susceptible to stains.

  • Rubber Wood

    It is an environmentally-friendly material for bathroom vanity. It is concentrated with grain that it feels and looks dense, which is helpful in preventing the invasion and growth of molds and moisture.

  • Solid Plywood

    It is made from wood surfaces glued together to create a strong layer of sheets. It is thick and has an affordable price. If taken care of properly, it can last long.

  • MDF

    It much denser and more substantial compared to plywood. It works well with various types of paint because of its smooth surface. The price is also within the mid to lower ranger, so purchasing one under a limited budget is possible. However, it requires detailed maintenance and may swell up when the glue underneath is exposed to water for a long time.

Bathroom Vanity Atlanta

Upgrade now your bathroom vanities and sink with these durable and affordable materials. If you want to know more about bathroom cabinet designs and materials, call us now.

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