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Elevating bathroom to another level with Atlanta Bathroom Remode

Atlanta Bathroom Remodel has been upgrading various bathroom types for more than three decades, always providing the best quality services to homeowners who want to achieve the most efficient results. Our experts have studied and mastered all the necessary techniques to guarantee your bathroom remodeling project’s success. We are a team of highly trained professionals whose top priority is to provide the clients with all the services they want and need, and sometimes even more as we love to go the extra mile. Your goal is ours, turning your current bathroom into its best and achieving its potential.

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Bathroom remodeling takes its toll on every homeowner in terms of timetables and cost. Given the staggeringly expensive means of pulling off a bathroom remodeling, you should be able to pay attention and think outside the box, and the quest for smarter and more economical alternatives for your renovation.

BATHROOM REMODELING ATLANTA is here to help you use the best ways on how you can avoid the more expensive, wasteful route during a bathroom renovation!

Bathroom Remodeling Atlanta GA
  • You can use lower-cost lookalike materials.

    There is nothing wrong with retaining, reusing, refurbishing your existing materials and fixtures for the renovation - you can always save up a lot from doing this. But if you really need to swap out materials, you may use inexpensive alternatives that often look amazingly like the real thing.

  • Play with paint and add color to your wooden floor

    Does your bathroom have a wooden floor? You can just totally rip it out and replace it with a new shade and appeal. You may use a more moisture-hardy and durable flooring, such as tile. While, if you want to save time, energy, and money by keeping everything, be sure to paint the entire floor with protective enamel.

  • Refinish that tub instead of replacing it

    From a cost-savings standpoint, replacing your entire bathtub must be your last possible option. Instead, you can try relining or refinishing the utility. If those yellowed surface and some cracks and nicks are your main problem, you can just refinish your shower or bathtub. You may also do a total tub touch-up. This is possible through spot-fixing the tub. For example, you may use touch-up products since that is easy to apply, and their results are phenomenal.

  • Refresh your cabinetry with new hardware

    It is true that buying and installing a new set of cabinetry can get so expensive. The easier and cheaper way to bring life and use your existing cabinetry’s full capacity is to remove its old hardware. You can replace it with a fun new hardware set. To make the entire process even more comfortable, before buying the new hardware, be sure to match up to its screw alignments with the holes on your existing cabinets - to eliminate the need to drill new holes to the piece.

  • Go for a DIY: Design the Bathroom by Yourself

    Indeed, bathroom designers are great, but they also can break your bathroom remodel budget. So, consider designing your entire bathroom by yourself. You can spend some time studying bathroom layouts, designs, materials and learning the basic bathroom design guidelines. You can read the recommendations from the National Kitchen and Bath Association and bathroom remodeling Atlanta Georgia which can give you plenty of ideas to get started with your renovation.


For inquiries, you may visit the bathroom remodeling Atlanta Ga webpage. Talk to us, and together, let us turn your dream bathroom into a reality!

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